1. Provide us with your available time slots for the a given month via email and we will input it into the system.
  2. We will set up an account on NCH with your email address and you will get an email like this with an auto-generated password to login.

3. Log in to your account at this link: nationalcoronavirushotline.com/service-provider-login

4. After logging in, you can change your password by clicking on the icon on the top right and setting a new password.

5. To see your upcoming appointments with patients, click on “Appointments” and then on “Enter Consultation Room”.

6. As you can see, there is a timer that shows you how long you have until your session can begin. You would click the green join call button when your appointment is set to begin. You also have the option to chat with your patient through messages or upload documents. When your appointment time is over simply click a red “End Call” button where the green “Join Call” button once was. 

7. Afterwards, you can click on “Past bookings” to see the appointment marked as completed with the option to write up a report if needed.


8. For more information on how to run your telemedicine bookings click on the video above below.

Jennifer Billings is the Medical Editor at National Coronavirus Hotline(NCH). She is an Integrated medical doctor who has been published on NCH Blog, Medium.com and is a regular contributor at MedCity News, Physician Family, and Psychology Today.