Are you still taking Covid-19 symptoms for granted? Not a good idea! It’s best to take all precautions and preventive measures to avoid catching Covid-19. Keep in mind, although you may not have shown symptoms yet, it is possible you could be a silent carrier.

It is important to understand that every person has a unique immune system. While one’s body can suppress the symptoms, others may not be as fortunate. And this is what happened in the case with Matt, one of Medicwell’s team members, his girlfriend Claire, and his sister Victoria. While Victoria was asymptomatic, Claire and Matt both exhibited all of the common symptoms of Covid-19. Bear in mind, Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has stated “roughly 40 percent of Americans with Covid-19 are asymptomatic”.

The Case of Matt’s Sister

Holidays are fun, right? Not for Matt’s family, as most of the members of the household ended up testing positive for Covid-19 right after New Years’. It all started when Matt’s sister Victoria was hosting a New Year’s Eve get-together with her two closest friends. While they were having fun, dancing, drinking, and sharing a memorable time, they did not imagine how 2021 would start for them. 

January the 3rd

During the day, Victoria received some worrying texts from her two friends from New Years Eve. Her friends complained about fatigue, chills, coughs, and eye aches. However, Victoria hoped for the best and assumed these symptoms were all coincidental and resulted from a bad hangover.

Practicing precaution, Victoria confronted Claire and mentioned that her two friends she invited over for New Years Eve were experiencing Covid-like symptoms. Victoria asked Claire if she felt unwell. However, Claire was feeling fine and was not experiencing any symptoms. Claire did not attend Victoria’s New Years Eve party and was not in contact with Victoria until today. Victoria remained optimistic and believed she did not catch Covid-19 from her friends since she didn’t share drinks or come into physical contact with her friends. However, little did she know that she was already infected with the Covid-19 virus.

January the 6th

Claire and Victoria finally decided to test for Covid-19 after hearing how ill their friends felt over the past few days. The results were positive and was earth-shattering news for both Claire and Victoria. Over the next few days, they both contacted each and every person they came into contact with since New Years Eve and broke the news. The next few weeks would seriously test the whole family’s mental and physical resolve to fight through the infection. From National Johns Hopkins University Pandemic Pulse Project, “it’s been found that 1 in 4 Americans associate shame with Covid-19”. It is a common occurrence for people to be hesitant to tell others that they may have exposed them, but if not done, then the virus will keep circulating unchecked.


Coronavirus is a real threat, but a few right decisions at the right time can prevent you from being the victim of this spread. Just like Victoria did not notice she became infected from her New Year’s Eve get-together, there could be several other COVID-19 silent carriers around who might infect you too.

The same thing happened with Matt. At the moment, he, along with his family, is also suffering from this infectious disease. But all of them are incredibly optimistic about their future and are waiting to get re-tested after completing their quarantine. They also utilized telemedicine services, which helped them recover fast.

Matt’s and his family’s COVID-19 case is not a story, but is an example you can learn from to protect yourself and the people you love from the virus. Prevention is always better than a cure. 

Jennifer Billings is the Medical Editor at National Coronavirus Hotline(NCH). She is an Integrated medical doctor who has been published on NCH Blog, and is a regular contributor at MedCity News, Physician Family, and Psychology Today.