NCH offers free telemedicine services to eligible users. You can talk with a licensed Coronavirus doctor from the comfort and safety of your home, determine if you need a Coronavirus test, and get advice on managing your symptoms and reducing the risk to others in your household.

Joining Telemedicine Consultation on NCH is an easy and 3 steps process:

  1. Login to your account using the email and password you used to signup:
  1. Scroll down into the dashboard and you will see a button “Enter Consultation Room”
  1. You will see a room where you can chat, have a video call or share files with your doctor


  • (1) shows the time remaining at the beginning of the telemedicine session 
  • (2) Mutes the call 
  • (3) Hides your video 
  • (4) Make the video fullscreen 
  • (5) you can chat with your doctor 
  • (6) you can share files with your doctor

So, if you want to book a telemedicine service, just sign up on NCH and verify your identity. Eligible uses will get services free of cost. 

Jennifer Billings is the Medical Editor at National Coronavirus Hotline(NCH). She is an Integrated medical doctor who has been published on NCH Blog, and is a regular contributor at MedCity News, Physician Family, and Psychology Today.