Do you know that Coronavirus can live for days on surfaces in your home? Disinfecting your home after Coronavirus exposure and infection is a critical step to slow the spread of the virus and reduce the rate of infection (and reinfection). For eligible users, NCH will help you to book professional disinfection services from providers in your area.

Step 1: Sign up for service on the National Coronavirus Hotline

Step 2: You will receive an email with an authentication code. Verify your email and log-in to the NCH Dashboard. Click the Disinfection button.

Step 3: Complete the required information.

  • Prequalify for Free Services by entering your name, address, phone number, and Social Security Number. This information will allow us to verify your identity and determine if you qualify for free services. 
  • Complete the Disinfection Property Form. Provide NCH with details of the property you would like to be disinfected.
  • Book Disinfection Service. Select 3 time slots convenient for you and tell us about the coronavirus situation in your home. Click the Confirm Booking button to submit your service request.

Step 4: After confirmation, our customer support team will match you with a Disinfection Service Provider and send you a confirmation email with the details of your appointment. 

Step 5: The service provider will come to your home during the scheduled appointment and provide services. 

Are you a professional disinfectant service provider interested in partnering with the National Coronavirus Hotline? Contact NCH at [email protected]