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Mental Health

NCH onboards LMFT Christina QuiƱonez to provide teletherapy services

Introduction: Christina is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has 3 years of experience in therapy. She has a Masters of Science in Marriage,


How to get Vaccinated in California

Go to and fill out the questions to see if you qualify at this time 2. If you qualify you can input your zip

Coronavirus Travel Advice

Coronavirus Testing Rules by Country You Should Know Before You Book Your Next Flight

As countries begin to open up and international travel resumes, things are not as they used to be, many countries have now established restrictions and


How Coronavirus Changes the Nutrition Preferences of Coronavirus Positive Patients

As healthcare providers and scientists accumulate new data about COVID-19, its multifaceted relationship with the human body is becoming clearer. One critical observation in this


The Appearance of Coronavirus Mutations Across the World

As worldwide efforts to deploy the different vaccines against COVID-19 take shape, some unpredictable obstacles have appeared. One of the most important ones is the


How an Undocumented Person Can Sign Up and Qualify for Services on NCH

National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH) provides telehealth services, disinfection services, coronavirus education, and mental health services to everyone in the USA. These services are extended to


How to Create a Healthcare Campaign on NCH

If you want to support people of your country, state, county, city or zipcode you can create a health care campaign on NCH. These campaigns


List of Coronavirus Testing Sites in Los Angeles

In this article, our team at National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH) provides a list of available Coronavirus Testing Sites in Los Angeles. There are several organizations

A man talking to his doctor through the PC
Telemedicine Uncategorized

How to Join a Telemedicine Consultation on NCH

NCH offers free telemedicine services to eligible users. You can talk with a licensed Coronavirus doctor from the comfort and safety of your home, determine

Man in hamza suit disinfecting a house
Disinfection Services

How to Prepare Your Home for Your First NCH Disinfection

Disinfection service is one of the services the National Coronavirus Hotline provides to eligible users.  Before our partners come to disinfect your home, we  recommend